I’ve answered some frequently asked questions below… but I know with weddings that there are plenty of questions. So please sing out if I can help with any more.


• How do I book?

Let's chat!!! I am not going to rush you into committing before you are totally sure you want to work with me. I only book a set number of weddings each year, so I really value my couples and invest so much of myself into each wedding. To find out whether my style is right for you, its best we chat (either in person or over the phone). You can then suss out whether I am the right fit for you and whether you want me to capture the day for you. If you decide to go ahead, then I send out my online booking contract for you to sign. A $500 non refundable booking deposit will be invoiced following this to secure your booking.

• Will you help with a timeline?

YES! This is a big one. Often it's hard to envision how many hours of photography you want or need, if you can't get your head around the rundown of the day and how photography fits into it. If you are keen to meet and chat about your wedding, then I will often work through a rough timeline to see how photography can fit into your day. I truly believe photography should not detract from your wedding day, or eat into your celebrations, it should be a documentation of the fun and if done right, should add to the joy of the day. I have been a Geelong wedding photographer for 5 years now and have experience in many different wedding timelines.

• Should I have a second shooter?

This totally depends on a range of factors.
1. How big your wedding is.
2. Your timeline and whether you want to allocate hours of photography later into the reception (if you do then a second shooter can be handy for photographing one of the prep stages).
3. Whether you are keen for a second lens / take for the day, particularly the ceremony
4. Sometimes its an option to have the second shooter photograph guests during a "canape" stage while bridal party photos are taking place.
Honestly it is such an individual choice. I will of course give you my opinion as to whether a second shooter could / would work well on your day, but it is an option I offer and often it works brilliantly. I work with a great team of second shooters who provide a consistent documentation of the wedding day.

• What do we do if it rains?

Embrace it... haha. No, I know that is easier said than done. Don't worry - it rained cats and dogs on my wedding day 10 years ago, so I get it. I think a lot of it comes down to your headspace about it on the day... if you can accept on some level that you cant control the weather, and have a plan B, or C in place with your venue, then the photography can be flexible with the conditions. There are often indoor options for photos, and honestly, it usually breaks to allow for some outdoor shots, be it with my stack of clear umbrellas, or without. Rain photos can be super cute and gives you the perfect opportunity to snuggle close to your partner. During the 2019 / 2020 season we have really been hit with the wild weather, but I love how my couples have just accepted that the day isn't defined by the weather.

I hope that helped!

Do you have any more questions burning for answers?

Please visit my contact page and send me an email.