This wedding was so incredibly special to photograph… for a few reasons. I have known Gabbie and Laurence (Jacuzzi as he is known among friends), for many years. My little sister happens to be Gabbie’s best friend, and her husband is Jacuzzi’s best friend – so I had the joy of snapping them all in the bridal party together on this stunning sunny wedding day in January 2020. Their celebrant is also one of their closest friends, the gorgeous Sarah D’Altera and her explicit love for the couple during the ceremony just added so much personal meaning.

Gabbie and Jacuzzi are proud parents to divine miss Sienna and you’ll see her make some sweet appearances in the photos below. These two are relationship goals. I know that makes me sound super ancient and uncool when I say that, but they are. They are both young doctors, incredibly devoted, intelligent, driven, social and grounded individuals who manage to juggle parenthood and planning a ridiculously cool and magical wedding into that mix. The wedding at Collingwood Children’s Farm saw their very large social group (they are incredibly loved too by so many, did I mention that?), and their very close knit families come together to celebrate their love and commitment to each other in serious style. I love all the little details on this day. From Gabbie’s amazing shoes, to her spinning around in THAT DRESS, to how relaxed everything was, to how they started their dance floor upon entering the reception, to the AMAZING speeches, to the band… it was all just wonderful. I often relive this day and go back over the images below, so please join me in doing so haha.

Gabbie and Jacuzzi, you guys seriously nailed this celebration. I love you guys and I am so happy for you both and your wonderful little family.

Katie x