When Ashleigh first contacted me with the words “surprise wedding” in her email, I knew I was getting myself involved in something very special. I had no idea that I would meet two genuinely gorgeous people, who would welcome me into their plans and their excitement for their wedding day. You often hear the words “each wedding is different” or “unique”, but this is so so true. Ash and Hayden surprised their guests with a stunning unveilling of a ceremony setting, including arbour and groom waiting, an hour into their “engagement party” at Pako Raw.


So the photos you’re about to see below aren’t “traditional” wedding photos. We didn’t do daytime bridal portraits, or have bridal party photos, as the ceremony began at 8pm. What we did capture, was some special preparation time with family and friends, after which the bride and groom changed their outfits back to their “engagement party” attire so as not to ruin the surprise. We set out for a few snaps after sunset (pitch dark), so I bought out the off camera flash and we made some magic at Pako Raw. I absolutely loved this wedding. It challenged me in that I’ve never shot a night time wedding before, or been involved in keeping such a secret (those who know me know I am a shocker at keeping secrets as I just get far too excited). Enjoy the fun, the beauty and how incredibly special the images below are. Love.