I am going to let Jade’s words speak for this blog, to accompany these photos, rather than my own reflections. This wedding will forever have an incredible space in my heart and memory. Everything in perspective, love, family…. knowing what matters.

“Her smile will melt your heart whilst lighting up the whole room. She is the reason we planned our wedding in just under 8 weeks. Our love story isn’t just about us it’s also about Maddy.

Josh’s sister has been fighting for her life in and out of The Royal Children’s Hospital leading up to our choice to plan the wedding.

She was diagnosed with Rett’s syndrome at 12 months of age. Each and everyday we get with her is a blessing but our family was really feeling how fragile her life is due to her serious health conditions growing.

We planned this wedding so she wouldn’t miss out on the big life events. Her mother Traci was able to watch what we all thought she would never be able to see, her daughter being walked down the isle. And her father Adrian was able to walk her down he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

Each and everyday I feel so blessed that I am able to call Maddy my family, and now legally I can call her my little sister. My love for her is ever growing just like my love for her big brother Josh.

The most important part of a wedding is the family you have with you to share the special day, we are so blessed that our earth angle was able fight long enough that we had her at ours making the whole day more than we could ever imagine.”


Venue: Little Creatures Geelong

Celebrant: Anita Jenkins

Photographer: Katie Wheeler Photography

Videographer: Ryal Sormaz