When I first met with Maddie and Lachie, we chatted for ages about everything…. from memory the topics included weddings, politics, travel, coffee, WAFL, and then our meeting ended in me driving them to their friends house (as they aren’t from Geelong and took the train down to meet me), and me apologising for how messy my car was (thanks kids). I don’t know how you COULDN’T get along with these two. They are to of the most genuine, kind hearted, grounded, most intelligent and wonderful couples I have had the joy of meeting. I know that sounds like I’m exaggerating… but I promise I’m not. That relaxed vibe flowed into their gorgeous wedding in November 2019. Lachie’s parents hosted the celebration, on their spectacular property in Bellbrae, Victoria. Everything about the details of this wedding, (from their friend being their celebrant and telling some wonderful (and funny) stories, to the grazing table, to Lachie’s DIVINE twin nephews, to the horses in the backdrop of the ceremony, to the TACO van (soooooooo good), to the FUR jacket that Maddie threw on later in the evening, to the FLOWERS (Oh my gosh these flowers and the colour palette¬† by Love Alfalfa Florals!!!)… I could seriously write a VERY LONG blog about everything these guys nailed on their wedding day. But instead, I’ll let the pictures tell the story. Enjoy the colour, the love and how spunky and in love these two are.

Katie x